A number of climate change-related bills were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2018, but SB 1072, SB 100, and SB 901 are landmark legislation especially meaningful to Sierra communities. Download the full fact sheet here.

Sierra CAMP will be monitoring the rollout of these new programs and requirements over the next several years to ensure that Sierra residents, businesses, and public agencies reap the benefits of this far-reaching legislation. This includes closely tracking the new Governor’s priorities on renewable energy, biomass, and forest management, new and expanded cap-and-trade funding opportunities, new policies designed to help implement these bills, state forest and biomass planning and investment activities, technical assistance and capacity building funding and resources, and other opportunities for the region.

Let us know through this comment form what Sierra CAMP should watch for as these bills are implemented, how these bills affect your community, and any other reactions to this legislation.