What is the Business Resilience Initiative?

Originally a project of Valley Vision, the Business Resilience Initiative (BRI) program helped communities in the Sacramento region better prepare for, withstand, and recover from disasters such as catastrophic wildfire and flooding. In 2018, Valley Vision and the Sierra Business Council expanded the program to rural communities specifically identified for their high wildfire risk in the Sierra Nevada, and with the support of a PG&E Emergency Preparedness Grant, hosted disaster preparedness workshops in Grass Valley and Sonora. 

Small businesses in rural communities play a critical role in the health of surrounding forests and community well-being. They form the foundation of community economic sustainability and generate the primary source of income and financial prosperity for local families and residents, yet small businesses are among the most vulnerable to disasters, including climate related events like extreme wildfire and flooding. This project provides the information, resources and methodology to prepare these businesses, as well help each business initiate a customized resiliency / disaster recovery plan.

Read more here about the workshops, the disaster preparedness toolkit developed by Valley Vision, and a customized emergency bucket list for businesses. 

Watch the Video: Disaster-Proof Your Business from Wildfire

At the Disaster-Proof Your Business workshops, specifically focused on wildfire, attendees learned how to prepare themselves, their operations, and their assets before disaster strikes - including how to:

  • Understand risks and the environment

  • Assess readiness

  • Take action

  • Create, update and test a resilience plan

  • Engage with community resiliency efforts

Attendees left this action-oriented workshop knowing why business resilience is important, what free, accessible resources can help build preparedness in their business, and left with the tools needed to create a resilience plan.

Watch the Full Workshop below:


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Business Resilience Initiative Website

Resilience Toolkit: This toolkit provides a concise, accessible, action-oriented, easy-to-use guide to creating a business resilience plan 

Wildfire Guidance: Information and actions businesses can take now to be prepared for wildfire

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