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Catholic Energy: Strategies and Choices for Sustainable Buildings

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There are over 70,000 buildings owned by the Catholic Church in the United States. Most are energy inefficient and wasteful.  But simple and affordable conservation and efficiency upgrades can dramatically reduce waste and the savings can be deployed for more efficiency and conservation projects and important mission activities.

Join us on this webinar to hear from Dan Misleh, the Covenant’s Executive Director; Dan Last, Chief Operating Officer of the Covenant’s new, tested, and exciting Catholic Energyprogram; and Bob Simon, an energy expert working with the Archdiocese of Washington’s Care for Creation Committee, on how to put Pope Francis’ words into action:

[O]n the national and local levels, much still needs to be done, such as promoting ways of conserving energy. These would include . . . encouraging the construction and repair of buildings aimed at reducing their energy consumption and levels of pollution" (LS, 180).

Learn how you and your community can access and utilize Catholic Energy. Hope you can join us for this informative and transformative webinar!