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International Transformational Resilience Coalition Conference on Preparing People for Climate Change

Preparing People for Climate Change in Californi

Wednesday-Thursday, January 24-25
At The California Endowment's Downtown Oakland Conference Center

Some of the Highlights:  Keynotes, Workshops, and Panels On

  • How the neurobiology of disaster-related traumas and chronic overwhelming stresses can trigger fight/flight/freeze reactions in individuals that, left unaddressed, will lead to personally, socially, and ecologically harmful outcomes in California. 
  • How those same dynamics can trigger collective reactions that, left unaddressed, will adversely affect the safety, health, and wellbeing of groups, organizations, and communities statewide.
  • Evidence-based skills and methods to build individual psychological and collective psycho-social-spiritual resilience that can prevent adverse human reactions to climate adversities, and motivate people to use them as transformational catalysts to increase personal, social, and ecological wellbeing. 
  • How to assess levels of resilience statewide as seen in responses to this years wildfires, heatwaves, and other climate change-enhanced adversities.
  • How to practice self-care for climate adversities and teach others to do the same.
  • Building resilience within children and families for climate impacts.
  • Enhancing individual and collective resilience within frontline communities and communities of color.


To see the conference agenda, speakers, and to register go to: 

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