From Mountains to Cities: Exploring California’s Urban Connections to Sierra Nevada Ecosystems


This white paper published by the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), with contributions from Sierra CAMP, examines California's urban-rural connections. Special appreciation goes to Clarke Stevenson, a lead author who provided Sierra CAMP's contributions to the report and served as Sierra CAMP's 2017-18 Civicspark Fellow

The Sierra Nevada provides Californians across the state with a multitude of benefits including clean air and water, flood protection, recreational opportunities, jobs, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. However, climate change threatens to disrupt these services with detrimental consequences for both urban and rural communities. To address the accelerating and compounding impacts of climate change and ensure the health and resilience of Sierra Nevada ecosystems through equitable and holistic solutions, urban and rural decision-makers must collaborate.

This introductory paper is the first of a larger series and will be followed by additional reports that identify policy opportunities, strategies to develop and deepen collaborative efforts, and on-the-ground solutions to enhance ecosystem resilience.