How do I help my community prepare for climate change effects?

This page offers toolkits and resources for community-scale climate change planning.


NOAA’s U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: These tools are available to help you manage your climate-related risks and opportunities, and to help guide you in building resilience to extreme events.


Climate Adaptation - The State of Practice in U.S. CommunitiesThis report provides a critical assessment of community-based adaptation to climate vulnerability and includes a series of in-depth case studies. These can provide insight to community-based champions to help reduce vulnerability in their own communities and make evidence-based proposals for adaptation professionals to advance the state-of-the-practice.


Adaptation Clearinghouse: The Georgetown Climate Center's online database and networking site serves policymakers and practitioners who are working to help communities adapt to climate change. 


ARCCA Learning Session (Recording) - Virtual Adaptation Tools Salon: This is an online video learning session organized by the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA). The session features three tools which can help communities with adaptation planning: Cal-Adapt, the Atlas Marketplace, and the Adaptation Clearinghouse.

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Smart Growth Fixes for Climate Adaptation and Resilience: This EPA publication aims to help communities address at least some of the expenses and political challenges of preparing for and adapting to climate change. The strategies outlined can be worked into a community's regular processes and policies.


The Wilderness Society’s Recommendations to the USFS - Managing the Risk of Climate Change to Wildlands of the Sierra Nevada: This is a research paper by the Wilderness Society intended to identify climate change related issues that should be accounted for as the Forest Service revises its forest management plans in the Sierra Nevada region.

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EPA's Adaptation Resource Center (ARC-X): ARC-X is an interactive resource to help local governments effectively deliver services to their communities as the climate changes. Once users select areas of interest, they will find information about: the risks posed by climate change to the issues of concern, relevant adaptation strategies, case studies illustrating how other communities have successfully adapted to those risks and tools to replicate their successes, and EPA funding opportunities.

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The California Natural Resource Agency’s Local Action page: Read about some of the many initiatives by the Natural Resources Agency and its partners in state government to help spur resilience to climate change at the local and regional levels.

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